Thursday, August 11, 2011

My new obsession!

I don't know who first mentioned this new obsession of mine, but if I could remember I would most definitely have to thank them (or is it curse them?!!!) I have joined all the pinheads over at Pinterest and I must say it is SUPER fun, inspirational, and can become addicting quickly! If you don't know what I am referring to you can visit my boards HERE but BEWARE you won't be able to stop pinning....I have got so many GREAT ideas from my friends pins (thanks Addie for the scrapping organzination tips) that I am spending this weekend sprucing up and reorganizing my scrap space (and maybe squeezing in a bit of cropping to)! I have also already got so many ideas for Christmas gifts that I might actually be able to finish up my Christmas shopping before Dec 24th this year! Well, gotta go, I'm off to pin a bit more before supper, hope to see you following me at Pinterest soon!


  1. I am too much of a sissy to even go to Pinterest...I know it is addictive and as it is I spend way to much time on the internet;-)

  2. Isn't it the best! Love it!!

  3. I have been trying to avoid pinterest! I already spend too much time browsing the web.