Saturday, June 18, 2016

Proud Mama Moment!

It feels good to be back on my poor neglected blog!  I took a month off to celebrate and plan my son's graduation on June 5th.  It was a month full of awards ceremonies, galas, end of year concerts, banquets, friends' graduation parties and family celebrations that all culminated with THE big event- graduating from high school!  Here are some pictures of the event itself:

Here is the cake I had custom made for his graduation party:


I can't believe my baby is getting ready to fly the coop!  He will be off to college this fall to study engineering.  Seems like just yesterday I was wiping away a few tears as I left him at kindergarten!  Boy did this day feel like a million years away at that time!  Best wishes and good luck with your future endeavors to all of those from the Class of 2016!!!  I will leave you with the quote that was on my son's graduation party invitations:
Have faith in every step you take
Nobody else's footsteps lead exactly where you are going
Just keep marching on.


  1. Wow - that cake is amazing! Congrats and good luck to Jake, and I love that quote!

  2. Congratulations to your son! I am glad you got to spend this precious time with your son! And that cake is awesome!