Thursday, February 11, 2010

February Snow Fun

It's been snowing here since 3 am this morning and so far by my yardstick we have got 8.5 inches of snow and it is still snowing! The record for this area in one day is 7.5 inches! WOW! I had a hard time getting up my drive so I shoveled it off, and then went out a few hours later and you couldn't even tell it! We never see this much snow, so we had fun playing in it after Jake got out of school early today. There is no school tomorrow, so not sure if I can make it to work or not, so we may get to play again tomorrow. I can't even imagine the 50 plus inches DC got, can you? The thing that makes it so bad here is that they don't plow it off, they just wait for it to melt! LOL! So driving around is very interesting here, today my neighbors teenage dtr came home and got stuck, it was her first time to drive in snow! With me pushing and telling her which way to turn her wheel we got her into her garage safe and sound and that my friends is where I am staying til this melts! LOL! What a great time to scrap huh? Hopefully I will get some mojo later today to make a page or two!


  1. Have you all thawed out yet??? It is so funny to see Texas snow on your blog. We had 6"+ last week and last night they expected 5-7. We maybe got an inch, but it's still snowing. We're supposed to get more on Saturday, too. We usually do good to get ONE good snow a year IF that. This year it just keeps coming!

  2. You all have more snow than us here in Canada. All I wanted to do this year is make a snowman and we have not had the snow yet! Grrrr Great photos