Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Award!

I was honored to be given this fun award from Jewels! Jewels has such an inspiring blog, cute kids and some gorgeous layouts! Hop on over and show her some love! Jewels, thanks for thinking of me with this fun award! Well, part of the award is that I must list 7 random facts about myself, so here goes:
1) I love to listen to talk radio instead of music while I drive
2) My favorite time of year is the Fall
3) I have NO patience with paper folding techniques, even simple ones. If I take a class that tries to teach it to me, I just sit and listen or talk my sister or my friends into doing the folding for me
4) I am a SLOW scrapbooker, my average layout takes 2 days to complete! *gasp!*
5) I cannot stand to glue ANYTHING down on my page until it is deemed "complete", just on the off chance I want to change something at the last minute!
6) I once locked the high school secretary in the school safe - by accident of course! LOL!
7) My favorite TV channel is TV LAND- love those old reruns of Roseanne, Bonanza, I Dream of Jeannie etc!
Now the second part of this award is to pass it on to some of my favorite bloggers, so here you go, all of these bloggers have awesome blogs that give me inpsiration on a daily basis, hope you enjoy!
1) Amy
2) Debbie
3) Carly
4) Teresa
5) Jenny
6) Stacy
7) Star
8) Lydia
9) Erica
10) Heather
These ladies all ROCK, wonderful layouts, great inspiration and a lot of fun times on their blogs, I hope you are inspired by them as I have been!


  1. Thank you, Lisa! I'm honored that you put my name on the list. Thanks! :)

  2. What a fun list of things to get to know you better :)

  3. Thank you Lisa! I'm so happy to see my blog on your list!