Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Use your Stash Tuesday the Christmas Card edition!

Ok, its use your stash Tuesday again, and although I thought I was finished with my Christmas Cards I realized a few more peeps I left off, so I went back to the drawing board to make a few more cards. I decided in honor of Use your stash Tuesday that I should dig into my SUPER JUMBO SLAB of Christmas paper. I bought this giant slab 2 years ago, and have really not even made a dent in it. I keep telling myself I don't like any of these papers, but in reality I do like most of them, I am just overwhelmed by such a HUGE stash of paper! So after seeing what my friend Rose (who is a creative genius by the way) had done with some of these papers, I decided to try my hand at using them on Christmas cards...it went pretty well, I am pleased with the results. As you can see I stuck to one basic layout, but used different papers and stamps. That saved me time, but yet allowed me to continue on my mission of making each person an individual card. I promise this is my last Christmas Card post, well...unless some long lost relatives appear out of nowhere that I need to send a card to! HA! So get to it girls, use up that old Christmas paper you've been hoarding, and if you run out, call me...I gotcha covered!

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