Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy New Year friends! It was an awesome 2009 and I am looking forward to an even better 2010. So what are your goals for this new year? Here are a few of mine:
1) Finish up six of my older scrapbooking kits 2) 250 posts on my blog 3) Keep Family night every Wednesday and spend good quality time with my son 4)try a new recipe every month. I could go on and on but I better stick with these four or I will end up not keeping any of them! LOL! This is one of the collages I made today as a year in review of my favorite photos/memories from 2009. I have my year in review page almost finished and here are some highlights from my journaling: Best time: vacation in Florida last June Funniest moment: Jake's french fries getting stolen off our table by a seagull while at Kennedy Space Center Weirdest thing: LOADS of SNOW! We were in FOUR snowstorms this year, one in Nebraska and THREE in Texas...weird for us Texans! Proudest moment: watching Jake perform at his first band concert Tear jerker moment: Jake starting Middle School in August. Hottest Moment: giving Pappa a fire wallet for Father's Day. Other highlights from 2009: attending a Cowboys game at the New Stadium, building a racetrack and wheelbarrow at Home Depot classes, going to the Dive in Movies with our good friends Angie and Logan, attending FPU, Jake's twelfth birthday party at Laser Quest, having a White Christmas, and New Year's Eve Wii family night with our family. It might be a hard year to beat for fun times and good memories, but we are looking forward to making more memories and I am looking forward to preserving them. We are truly blessed in our family and wish for you and yours a healthy, happy prosperous New Year! Blessings friends!

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