Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sketch Time!

Ok, I know this won't be a big deal for many of you, but I finally figured out how to create a sketch on my computer! I have hundreds of sketches in my little sketch book that I think of all the time and put on paper when I think of one so that I can create with it at a later date...but I never could share them with anyone cuz they were UGLY with a capital "U"...I mean my drawing skills are worse than a five year old people. And I have little patience for drawing things to scale...so I decided to just give it a whirl tonight when I sat down with this newest idea in my head and viola! I have a sketch! I hope you will feel free to use it to create a layout and if you do please link up in the comment section to your online gallery or blog, I'd love to see your work. I am thinking about making this a weekly thing here at Creative Endeavors as I just love sketches and hope you like mine!


  1. Great Sketch! I have just recently started using them & love it. I'll link you up when I get a chance to do your sketch's. Thanks for the cards, they were really cute!

  2. Loving your sketches, Lisa. How do you draw them on your computer? They are super!