Monday, April 30, 2018

April 100 Patterned Paper Update!

Wow!  I am so amazed we are almost to another month!  I am still struggling to keep myself accountable  this year on limiting my spending on crafty purchases and on using up my stash!  To learn more about my 100 patterned paper challenge you can read THIS POST.  I have missed my March update and am just eeking it out for my April update! So excited to say that I can tell a difference each month, I didn't buy any new papers in April, which is a big improvement!  I did fairly well on using up some embellishments but not on using up papers and am still behind on my goals!  Here is a picture of my BASHKET- my basket filled with older embellishments to bash for the upcoming month!
I decided to remind myself with before and afters each month, I am updating this basket each month so I don't get burnt out on all the stuff in it!  This was reset today for May!  My goal is to use up 10 items from this basket in May!  
For April I was able to use up a measly 4 papers from my 100 paper stash...most of the papers I used were from my scrap fact I made a HUGE dent in my scrap bag this month, so much so that it is pretty empty!!!  My plan is to count a paper as used if the scraps left will fit in my bag, if they won't I can't count it as I have about 4 papers that were still over 8 inches long so they didn't fit in my scraps bag, but they are on my desk ready to be used up, hopefully in May!  
My goal for May it to use up 10 pieces of patterned paper!!
So there it is my update for April...Tally so far is: 
January: Embellishments = 10  Papers = 5
February: Embellishments = 5 Papers = 6
March: Embellishments = 7  Papers = 4
April: Embellishments = 6 Papers = 4
Paper total = 19 which is about 14 papers behind schedule!  YIKES!  Gotta really get a move on!
I'm almost scared to set a reward goal but yet I sure do like scrappy shopping and feel kind of proud to have not bought a thing in April!  I was SO TEMPTED, I filled up my online carts with TONS of stuff but never clicked purchase 😀  
My May reward if I hit my goal will be: My choice of a paper collection!  There are so many I want it may take me a while to decide on which one!  Any suggestions of collections you have recently purchased and loved or are drooling over? 
Wish me luck!  🤞


  1. I love seeing your updates - it gets me motivated to work on my stash. I need to get back to making a bashket - I've been meaning to for a month or two and still haven't done it.

    1. Thanks Lori! It really helps me to use up my stuff!