Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I am really liking the idea of a resolution free New Year and instead picking a word to concentrate on and help influence and guide you in the coming year. When I starting contemplating my word I was thinking of BIG words, like "simplicity" or "abundance" and then it just came to me: "BE" That's it, sometimes the smallest word can pack the most punch. So in 2011 I will: BE creative, BE content, BE positive, BE thankful, BE loving, BE kind, BE the person God created me to BE, and most of all just BE. Roll with the punches, take things in stride, cast aside the little nagging doubts, appreciate the little things and the small blessings that we all fail to see right before our eyes. I don't have to change, I don't have to try harder, it's OK to just BE who I am. So sorry, no mountain moving changes or great wisdom here, so for those of you wishing I was different, your stuck with me! I'm just chillin' and BEing people...who's with me? I would love to know what your one little word is for 2011, feel free to share it with us. In fact, I think I feel a scrapbook page coming on about my ONE little LIFE CHANGING, LIFE ALTERING and MOOD ENHANCING word!!! More on that later! Happy 2011 friends, wishing you all blessing beyond measure!

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  1. What a wonderful word...never even thought about that one. Wishing you a wonderfully blessed year of just BEing;-D