Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Git 'R Done Wednesday and ROFL!

OK, I have had this idea for awhile about doing a layout about the shows I think are too hilarious. My son is always asking me why I watch reruns of the same shows time and time again and then always laugh at the same "lame" jokes. So I decided to do a page documenting my many years of watching these shows and why I always ROFL (roll on floor laughing) when I do. This layout literally took me 20 minutes to put together, but the hardest part was to find and print the pictures of the shows. It wasn't as easy as it sounds. Once that was complete it fell together quickly, even the journaling only took me 10 minutes, however, I was laughing the whole time so I am surprised it didn't take longer! I used the Chatterbox paper from the May 2008 Personalscrapper kit and then a Maya Road journaling sheer for my title. I also found a chipboard rectangle that says giggles on it to add near the top. This was left over from a mini album I did a number of years ago, glad I saved it all those years now! So now when I am 99.5 years old and sitting in my rocking chair drooling and cackling at an old 70 year old episode of Seinfeld you can look back at my scrapbook and see I really don't have dementia, I have always found this episode extremely funny! LOL! I have not seen any show as funny as Seinfeld really, each episode is SO TRUE....its like stuff you thought but were afraid to say cuz its so politcally incorrect! I mean come on, I've been watching it for like 20 years and its still funny. Roseanne on the other hand is funny mind you, but I really only have one episode that makes me ROFL and that is the one called Roseanne in the shes' not in a ghetto...she is stuck in an oven hood. And my favorite line is when she tells herself "I'm the smartest one here and I'm stuck in an oven hood" (or words to that effect). The reason she says this is because her sister Jackie is trying to figure out how to unstick her and decides that maybe they should turn on the stove that she is standing on to heat up the hood so it will expand and release her! Now, maybe you aren't laughing right now,but if you hear Roseanne say it, you will believe me be ROFL!!!! Too funny! I'm laughing just thinking about it! My other favs: The Late show with David Letterman and the Simpson Movie. Very funny, very politically incorrect, but fun. Now don't leave me hate mail, if you don't like these shows that's fine with me its a free country. Now I should mention this layout was created for the Personalscrapper Valentine's day crop and no animals or celebrities were harmed by the making of this scrapbook page. Have a nice hump day and go GIT R DONE!

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