Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Lifted Layout

Wow! What a hectic week! We have been SOO busy, but I did manage to squeeze in a layout this week somehow! This layout was part of the Personalscrapper after crop challenge. We were to lift a layout from the crop that was done by someone else. I decided to lift a layout from my secret sis Star. Her layouts are always amazing and this lift is of her layout called INKED. You can view her layout on her blog at : Go check it out, plus you will see what I mean when I say her layouts are amazing! I picked this layout to lift because it was so "not" me...meaning, it made me really do things differently then I normally do, and sometimes that's what we need, to think outside the box, and do something different. I am super pleased with how it turned out. I even went further outside my box and traced my sticker letters with a black pen! I was challenged in this technique from my Got sketch 103 class this week, so I really was gettin' out of the old comfort zone this week! LOL! I am super excited about this weekend. I get to have some friends over to crop! YEA! So I should be back soon with the layouts I finish up at our little get together this weekend! Enjoy you weekend!


  1. I loved Star's original, and I love your lift, too. Great job, Lisa!