Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lost in a Maze

Howdy everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying some cool crisp fall weather! We are loving it here in Nebraska! The colors are gorgeous and we have picked our annual pumpkin for this year and are ready to carve it later tonight! I will share pics when I get back. I did want to share this layout with you. This is layout using the October Afternoon Road Map papers and is from our harrowing experience in the corn maze last year at Vala's Pumpkin patch. As you can see this is a HUGE corn maze and I thought it would be fun to give it a try. No one else wanted to but I insisted. They told me "we'll never find our way out" I told them I had a wonderful sense of direction....well..forget that. I was lost within a few minutes! LOL! Good thing my wonderful SIL has a good sense of direction or we might still be there a year later! I will tell you it went much better this year and my DS was the leader this year and was able to get us through without a scratch in record time! Although we did have to text for help a few times! Isn't technology wonderful? You could actually text for directions at certain check points to get helpful hints! We had lots of fun at Vala's this is our SIXTH year to visit, so you can see we do like it! Happy Fall Y'all,we are expecting snow today, keeping our fingers crossed that we can pick a pumpkin one day and build a snowman the next!

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  1. OMG...that place looks amazing. And, I just LOVE your LO. I saw that a new LSS carried that line, but I was extra good the day I checked them out and didn't go crazy buying paper. They are on my wish list for my next trip though!