Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Git 'R Done Wednesday

I think we all have a stack of half completed projects laying around somewhere. Well, I decided to clean out my "junk" drawer last weekend and found a bunch of semi-completed layouts. I am sure I had some brilliant idea for each and every one of them at some time. However, that idea has since been replaced by 1000 other ideas completed or not completed. I made it a goal to get these things Wednesdays are my day to do that until such a time when I have no half completed things lying around anymore...and believe you me, that is going to be as they say a month of Wednesdays from now. So here is my first completed 1/2 finished project I found lying on the top of my drawer...started July 2007....finished Sept. 2008! I didn't have a whole lot of time to finish this either as Wednesday's are also family game night at our house. Tonight it was Monopoly that is the JR version, which takes a lot less time, especially if you play with me. I ran out of money on my third time around the board and lost... and so here is a picture of Jakob throwing up all his ill gotten gains from his poor broke mommy.

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  1. I love your Christmas card and I think all us scrappers have some uncompleted projects...well done with sorting yours out.