Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday is use your stash day!

I have decided to designate Tuesday as use your stash day. I find myself wanting more and more "new" things and cannot seem to justify buying them when I haven't even used the "old" things I have. I have been drooling over some of the new Christmas papers that have come out, but cannot bring myself to buy anymore until I use those I bought on a whim last year. So here is a card I made using some of "last years" papers! I plan on making these as sets of 8 using my new Deer Friends stamp set and donating at least one set to my church's Lord's Acre next month. So dig into your stash ladies and use up some of that "last years" stuff and made something useful from it. Even if you cannot use it for your personal use, then consider donating it to your church or school's fundraiser event and/or use it as gifts for the upcoming holidays. Nothing is better than a homemade gift after all! Tune back in tomorrow for Git "R Done Wednesday.....

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