Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Count your blessings!

It's time for Use your stash Tuesday again! Well, this time I really dug deep and didn't use even one little thing new, its all older stuff I need to use up, PLUS I used some tools that had been gathering dust. The paper is once again from my October 2007 Personalscrapper kit, the stickers from my January 2008 kit and the brad, button and floss are all who knows how old. I also used my Stampin' Up tag punch to make my tag and my cricut to cut my letters! I love the look of the letters cut by the Doodletype Cricut cartridge, but am most often too lazy to dig it out to use it. But I think it is going to be a staple in some of my upcoming pages as its soo hard to match alphabets sometimes. I just wanted to share another tip I learned from my PS friend and blogging buddy AmyInky..you know how we all have TONS of 1/2 used sheets of alphabet stickers? Well, Amy gave me to tip to put almost empty sheets on a bullentin board so they are in plain sight and then play Boogle with the remaining letters to form some words, which I did tonight with this old doodlebug sticker sheet and I was able to make the word GRATEFUL FOR... I had originally wanted the word THANKFUL but I didn't have an "H"...now one dilemma, I didn't have 2 "O"'s either, but I made one "O" out of a "G" by cutting it with my scissors...now I am down to very few letters on this sheet. My son and I had fun coming up with some remaining words and I wrote them on a sticky note and stapled it to the remaining sheet! How useful and easy huh? Plus we had fun over dinner doing a "word find" together! Wondering where I got this idea? Well, it is a lift of the Nov. 2007 CK cover. I was cleaning this weekend and went to toss it out in the recycle bin and it caught my eye...glad it did, I LOVE how this page turned out! I knew right away what photo I would use, as I love the look of these little sweeties with their drumsticks, don't you? This photo was taken in 2006, and its hard to believe they have changed so much in just two short years! The journaling reads: "At Christmas this year when I stopped to count my blessings, I counted you two boys!" Don't forget to count your blessings before you go to bed tonight and tune in tomorrow for Git 'R Done Wednesday!

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