Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Git 'R Done Wednesday seeing double edition!

This page is another Git 'R Wednesday edition started well over 3 years ago. The funny thing about it is this title was glued down already and before I started to rework this page or even pulled it out of the drawer it was in I realized that this title was one I had used on a recent page. de ja vue? I can't believe this is a title I did 3 yrs ago and then thought of again last week, thinking how original and cute it was....guess it was floating out there in my subconscious these last three years huh?! To finish this page I had to add some ribbon to separate the two different papers, as I couldn't find the original paper and believe it or not blacks and browns are not easy to match. I then added only the middle envelope which was actually already in with the page as was the picture. I was able to find the original word bubbles and add the word "baby". I then added the journaling on the tag ( kind of copied my page from last week again) and then added the cute little felt heart that I recently is from Making Memories. All in all, I like the end result. My favorite part is seeing these two boys together 4 years ago in this Cousins friends for life page and then seeing them together in the other Cousins friends for life layout. My how they've grown, but Jake is still holding Ryan! Ryan hasn't gotten to big for Jake to still hold him! Plus, you can see how my scrapbooking style has evolved as well. Soon though I won't have any of these old layouts to finish, cuz now when I start a page I don't start a new one til it is finished! Yeah, for me! Have a wonderful Wednesday and don't forget Friday I will be featuring a really fun blog!

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