Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all you father's out there! We had a great time celebrating with my dad and brother in law, two special fathers in our family! Here are some pictures from our fun evening BBQ. Jakob surprised my dad with a fire wallet as you can see here it really does catch on fire! If you are lovers of magic tricks then you have to check out this site , it has some really AWESOME magic tricks including the fire wallet we gave my dad. The tricks are really easy to learn and the instructional DVD's with them are great. We saw a magic show at Universal Studios while visiting in ORlando on our vacation and we were hooked! Jakob got the magic lights and he is already a master at using them. He is now able to make light go in one ear and out the other, kind of like when I tell him to clean his room! LOL! These tricks make great gifts for kids between the ages of 7 on up. I am sadly way behind on my layout a day challenge for June but I am bent on making some catch up progress this week and weekend, so check back soon and I hope to have some more crafty goodness to share.


  1. Lisa, I had to enlarge that first picture! That is so funny! You were ready with the camera on that one!