Sunday, June 28, 2009

Waterpark fun!

We spent half the day at the waterpark today! We had a great time. The water didn't even feel cold to me, no wonder it was over 100 in the shade! The boys of course, never slowed down, well, Jake did to eat a few snacks, but Ryan didn't even slow down for food..he's like the energizer bunny! The boys love the slides and I finally got a good one of them going down the Green Extreme this year. The Green Extreme is an UPHILL water coaster, it is really fun, but if your in the back you get sprayed in the face big time on the uphill parts and then your pants get a "wedgie" on the downhill parts! It's not for the weak of heart that's for the 10 flights of steps to get up to it, make it a REAL work out! The last picture isn't obviously of the waterpark, but when we got home Katie was glad to see her cousin Jakie and I got a cute picture of her walking around in his flip flops! She was actually able to walk in them pretty good, she's all girl, she LOVES shoes! Isn't her shirt cute? She likes SpongeBob, so when we went to Universal and found this shirt, I just had to get it for her! I actually was able to complete a layout tonight too, its too dark to take a picture of it, but I will try and share it tomorrow.

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