Monday, June 1, 2009

June Card Maps

I was so excited to have one of my cards featured on the Page Maps site for June. As everyone knows I love using sketches for my scrapbook pages and my cards are no different. Becky's sketches are some of the best and make papercrafting so much easier and fun, no matter if you are making a card or a single or double scrapbook page. Go check out all the awesome eye candy for June. And a special shout out to a fellow Personalscrapper pal of mine Mel. You can see her SUPER AWESOME double page layout called RELAY on the Page Maps site for June. Her photos she used on this layout are just awesome! Great job Mel! June is going to be a busy and exciting month for me, I got my card featured on the Page Maps site, we are going to Florida for some much needed R & R in a few days and Personalscrapper is having a LOAD contest (LayOut A Day) for this month, that means I am being challenged to create 30 pages for this month! WOW! Hope I'm up to it! Despite how many I actually end up creating, it is such a fun contest and besides the awesome prizes that will be up for grabs it is a chance to get your mojo flowing as each day a fun and innovative challenge is posted by a different member. I am working on mine and I almost have it done, but I can't reveal it until my challenge day on the you'll have to wait til then! In the meanwhile I am working on completing today's challenge called the HAPPY is to create a layout that makes you happy whether it be the photo, the paper or actually a page about something that makes you happy..what a fun challenge huh? I hope to finish mine before I leave in 2 days and share it with you, but if not look for it when I get back! Well, I'm off to fold some laundry and work on my layout!

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  1. Congrats Lisa!

    Gorgeous card...I hope you are loving the LOAD challenge as much as I am!