Saturday, August 29, 2009

Goodbye waterpark

Well, its goodbye waterpark, until next year that is. We won't be going back until then :o( Today was a beautiful day and not to awful hot, but that really made the water feel cold, usually its like warm bathwater, but not today, you get in and feel like turning around and running back out! The boys really enjoyed themselves, as the park was not busy at all at 10am when we got there, so they were able to ride all the slides a number of times without a wait, which was nice, cuz sometimes when we go there is only enough time to ride one or two and then its time to go home! As you can see Ryan really doesn't mind getting a bit sandy and he is a great poser (love him posing for me in the inner tube!) But my fav pic of those two goofballs was them working together to get there tube to the top of like 5 flights of steps for the Purple Palooza ride, usually I carry it for them, but today when they asked if they could got up I told them "if you are big enough to carry your tube" and then I let them work out the logistics of it, and this is what they came up with! How funny, I wish you could have seen them going up the steps like that! Almost everyone in the park was laughing at them (but really I think they might have been laughing at them arguing about who was carrying the most!) I also wanted to share a fun layout I made this week from my most fav picture I got last time we went to the waterpark. Papers are from Cosmo cricket's snorkel line. I called it "THE WAVE" because as the journaling states, Jakob was not into his Mom taking a bunch of pictures of him, but I kept my camera out and ready for just the right shot and when he came up from under the water one time I called out his name and he waved at me, BEFORE he realized I had my camera. I love this shot, it turned out just how I wanted so I was then able to put up the camera and stop torturing the poor boy! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Have a good one!


  1. Looks like a fun waterpark. Sorry the water wasn't warm enough. I love the wave LO. Great job!