Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blog chain

I was tagged by my friend Star to be on a blog chain. If you haven't checked out her blog, go do it, it is just awesome, she posts some great layouts, and just to think I knew about her before she was a famous published scrapper! LOL!
I am suppose to list 10 things that make me happy:
1) winning blog candy! (just won over at the October Afternoon blog)
2) seeing my guy smile!
3) watching my team win (too bad that was just a dream this year) LOL!
4) reading a good book
5) painting my nieces toenails
6) see the trees bud out for the first time each spring
7) that first cup of coffee in the morning
8) going to the movies with my son.
9) going on vacation to a new place
10) Vala's pumpkin patch

Now I am to list 5 pieces of trivia about me: (which is more than you wanted to know I am sure)
1) I just got an MP3 player for the first time
2) I stink at reading maps
3) I only listen to talk radio when I am driving
4) I can't attend a sporting event without yelling (sometimes not nice things)
5) I really really want to go the Final Four before I die (wanna give me your tickets?)

Now I am to tag FIVE bloggers to continue to chain:

1) Pearl
2) Debbie
3) Kylie
4) Joni
5) Carly
Catch ya later !


  1. LOL! Cannot believe you did not have scrapbooking up there with the 10:)

  2. Thanks Lisa! It was fun to learn a bit about you! LOve your work!