Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Git 'R Done Wednesday ~ Disney Style

Welcome to Git 'R Done Wednesday Disney Style! I hate to admit it but I have not scrapped a single layout from our 2005 Disney trip until now! I have had this layout in my to be completed drawer 1/2 finished with no pictures on it for the last 3 years. I have been waiting for the "RIGHT" paper, the "RIGHT" idea or the "RIGHT" embellishment, cuz of course these will be "SPECIAL" pages. Well, the main goal here is to capture the memory, not get caught up in how "GOOD" or "SPECIAL" my page looks. I do like the way it turned out. I especially like the ticket journaling tag from Maya Road. These are really fun ways to get you to journal fast and use your own handwriting. I plan on starting to slowly work on completing my Disney album. I have enough stuff Disney to complete 3 albums! I just need to put it to good use. I am planning on using some the new sketches from Valerie Salmon...she has added to and expanded her website "GOT SKETCH?" Go check it out, the new gallery is really great and she even has a giveaway going on! What more motivation do you need then a give away? Speaking of which, stay tuned for a new addition to my blog on Saturday....hint starts with the letter "S"!

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  1. Hey Lisa! thanks for stopping by my blog! Email me at and I'll try to answer your questions. :)
    CUTE that you are a multipic girl too! :) Gotta browse more of your blog...tee hee