Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Git 'R Done Wednesday- October Tradition

It's our October tradition to visit my brother and SIL in Nebraska the first weekend in October. This was our fifth year to go. It is something we look forward to each and every year. I have been slack in scrapping all these photos we take each year. This layout was started about 18 mos ago at a crop and never finished. I don't know why, I just glued done the pics and patterned paper, painted the chipboard and left it in a plastic sleeve. Luckily I left all the paper in with it, so I could easily find it. Well, tonite I did the journaling, punched the circles, added the stickers (left over from my fall clipboard kit from and glued it all down. One hour tops and its done. So why did it take me 18 mos? I guess because there was always something bigger and better to work on. I am now able to actually easily close the drawer that houses my 1/2 complete layouts, and I hope by the end of next January to actually see an empty drawer just ready to fill with new scrapbooking goodies! I hope you were able to finish up something that was 1/2 done today, of course most of you probably aren't like me and flit from one thing to the next! So whats up for tomorrow? Not sure, still waiting on pics to arrive, but I have a notebook page full of new ideas. Anyone interested in sketches? I am working on some and hope to post them here once I get a new scanner or can borrow a one. There are a lot of great sites that are full of sketches, check out some of my favs on my sidebar!

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