Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween from Harry and the Firefighter!

Happy Halloween everyone! I had made it a goal to get last year's Halloween page done before this Halloween, and I made it with just 7 hours to spare! HA! Nothing like waiting until the last minute huh? This year Jakob is not dressing up, he is going to watch his cousins trick or treat, he is more into passing out the candy vs dressing up. He has never been one to dress up, he won't wear a mask for sure, and when he does dress up, it is for less than half an hour usually. So since he couldn't find a "cool" enough outfit to fit his new status as a "tween" he decided to forget dressing up. So, I will only scrap pics of my niece and nephew this year it looks like . Last year Jakob was Harry Potter but notice the glasses, he lost the real glasses that came with the costume so he had to go with these Groucho Marx glasses he got from a carnival along the way, and thus, no one recognized him as Harry Potter, much to his dismay. They kept thinking he was dressing as a graduate...but I might add these were an older crowd, who may not have been familiar with Harry Potter anyway! I love the letters I got for this page. They are from Making Memories. The paper is Stampin' Up and I love it! The colors are great! So have a safe and fun Halloween, don't eat to much candy and don't forget my drawing is tomorrow for the blog candy, so you still have time to submit those sketches! I am hoping to finish up one more layout for the LOAD contest tonight after trick or treating, and I will try and share that tomorrow as well!

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