Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Featured Blogger

Hello from CKC St. Louis! Wanted to take a minute to check in and say hi! We are having a lot of fun, wonderful classes last night and today and looking forward to the PaperCrafts swap tonight...can't wait to see all the wonderful cards everyone has created! I will definitely share when I get home in a couple of days. I am about worn out for today and we still have a few classes to go! Only taking 3 classes tomorrow so hope to get in a bunch of shopping then. Since I can't post any pictures today I wanted to take this opportunity to feature a wonderful blog that I know you will all LOVE...its the Scenic Route blog by Sarah Milne. You can check it out here: Her blog features products we have all grown to love from Scenic Route Paper Company. I took 3 classes from Sarah today and they were all awesome, top of the line layouts, wonderfully designed and beautiful colors. I know we all have some Scenic Route stash, so her blog is a great source of inspiration so you can be inspired to use up some of these beautiful papers. We got to work with many of the awesome lines from Scenic Route, including Sonoma, Surprise, Appleton and many are going to be knocked over when I show you what we created (or shall I say I attempted to create, as usual I never finish everything in the short class period, so I will hopefully be finishing some of it up tonight and tomorrow!). So in my absence the next few days go check out Sarah's blog and I'll be back to share all my great finds and creations in a few more days! Have a great weekend everyone!

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