Monday, April 13, 2009

A friendly little layout

Here is my next layout I completed for the Personalscrapper Slice contest. It is for the friends challenge. I have so many good friends, but really no pics of them or even of me with them. I did have one pic from CKC with my friend Janelle and one pic that my son took of me with my friend Angie. So I decided to use this sketch from the Got Sketch 103 class on this challenge. I am not sure if I told you guys and gals how much I love these Got Sketch classes, but they are so super. I did most of the sketches in Got Sketch 102 during class but during the 103 class I got behind (I know its hard to believe), but no worry, you just save the assignments to your trusty computer for when you do get a bit of time, like now. Then eazy peezy you conjure up a nice friendly layout! YEAH! I used the February Personalscrapper kit to complete this layout and boy do I love these WRMK Tiffany line papers...much prettier in person then on the net I must say. Hope your Monday was good, I did get some of my windows cleaned...yucky job, but it feels so much better to actually be able to see out the window! LOL! Now with that lovely job out of the way I am off to work on my seventh Slice challenge layout so catch you back here when I'm done!

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