Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Rainy Monday!

Its still raining here this morning, its a dreary blah Monday morning! But what better way to cheer a person up then to share a fun layout. This layout is so bright and colorful and fun it should cheer up just about anyone! This layout was a lift from another fun round of Six Degrees of Separation hosted by Amy on the Personalscrapper board. It starts off with one layout then that layout is lifted by the next player in line and so on and so forth down the line until it has been lifted SIX times!!!! It is so fun to see the beginning and end results as well as everything in between. I can't believe how things that are left off on the lift after the first one will somehow reappear along the line. And of course, no one is allowed to share their layout or lift until after the game is over. Since this game is now officially over I thought I would share my layout with you. This layout uses papers from Summer Soiree from the Personalscrapper July kit. I also used up some of the chipboard in my stash that has been sitting around gathering dust! I was inspired to use some of my chipboard "naked" after seeing some of Amy's great pages doing the same thing, and let me tell you, it is SOOOOO much easier this way! Hope it is bright and sunny where you are and have have a Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Looks Great Lisa! I am waiting for my summer pics to come back from Shutterfly and then I can get to work - and beat the Monday morning blahs too! I'll have to try and hit 52 sketches a bit more frequently - I have fallen WAY off there this summer! Have a great day!

  2. This makes me wish for long hot summer days to hurry up and arrive! Summer takes way too long to get here in Tassie!