Saturday, January 10, 2009

2008 A year in Review

I have been frantically organizing my photos and thoughts reviewing 2008. I have set some resolutions and goals and FINALLY got my Christmas decorations down and put away this week. that was a chore. I love putting up my decorations, but taking them down, well obviously its not my fav or I wouldn't just be getting around to it on January 10th! Now with that chore out of the way I can delve into scrapbooking more. I did my first year in review page for the year 2007 and made a goal to continue to do so every year. I was inspired to do this by all the gals at Personalscrapper. I really thought it wasn't such a fun idea until I started trying to remember what year different things happened and had a hard time doing so. So I decided why not do a Year in Review page and recap all the ups and downs each year holds. This year I included some things like: latest crazes (Bakugan and Yugioh and Pokemon are this year's craze); Superbowl and NCAA basketball champs (NY Giants & our fav the KU JAYHAWKS), historical moments (this years election); and other momentous occasions that marked 2008 for our family. It's kind of like a time capsule. I chose to use the January Personalscrapper kit for this page it features Fancy Pants Artic Chill. I must admit, I wasn't excited at all about this kit as we rarely have snow here in Texas, and quite frankly, I am not a big snow fan, so I try to stay away from snow, not planning any snowy destinations to visit in the near future, so I was contemplating what I would do with this papers. Well, then I received them and saw them in person! Beautiful colors...double sided yumminess. I was able to use the second nonsnowflake sides to create my page, and I have another layout in the works using this kit. So if you are in a nonsnowy area, don't be afraid of these papers, they are super cool as usual with anything Fancy Pants. I also used the 7 Gypsies "Y is for YEAR" stickers I got on sale at hobby lobby a few weeks ago to do this layout and can you believe they actually matched these papers so well? No, this was really not planned, I fell a** backwards into it as they say on Seinfeld! So my challenge to you, even if you aren't a scrapbooker, create a YEAR IN REVIEW for 2008 while its still fresh in your mind..heck in 3 mos you won't even be able to recall what you did in 2008 if your like me! Even those of you who are nonscrappers, write your memories down, it'll be fun to look back on in 25 years and say "wow, wasn't gas cheap back then! " HA! Well, I'm off to my son's first basketball game of 2009...will post some pics tomorrow if I get any good ones, they are hard to come by in the poor lighting of the gym. I'm back in the swing of things so check back on Tuesday and Wednesday for my Use your Stash and Git 'R Done features!


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