Friday, January 23, 2009

Warm sunny days part deux

Ok, finally here is page 2 of my double page layout entitled FRIENDS. You can see page one on my previous post here: I was trying to fit these photos into a sketch where all 3 ran across the middle, but I didn't want to crop the photos that much, so I decided to go with the oldie but a goodie sketch shown here. I like how it turned out and it seems to flow well as a two pager. It shows the fun we had that day last summer at NRH2O with everyone hamming it up for the camera! Once again this is the Grafton line by Scenic Route. I have heard through various other blogs that Scenic Route has pulled out of CHA and is facing hard times like many companies in today's economy. It is my absolutely favorite scrapbook company and I am so hoping they do not close. If you have a little extra green on you please send it their way, they have an online store: so you can order direct from them. I am scheduled to take 3 classes from them at CKC St. Louis, so I hope that they aren't canceled, asCKC there is not til April. Enjoy your weekend, we are off to basketball practice and have a game Saturday and I am having a spa party on Sunday. It is featuring Sensaria products: go check it out, I highly recommend their products, I have been using them for over a month now and really love them. I hope to fit some scrapbooking in there along the way as well!

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