Sunday, January 25, 2009

Leaving on a Jet plane

Here is the page I got done last night after my son's basketball game. I did get another one started but got too sleepy before I just had to call it a night. I am finding I can't stay up super late anymore, plus with me having to get up early to get ready for my spa party today, I knew I was just asking for trouble LOL! I used the American Crafts travel line I picked up a while back in Tulsa at CKC 2008. I took these photos in anticipation of using this line with them, and while the title was exactly how I wanted it I do like how it turned out. This is based on another of my original sketches but I just didn't leave enough room for such a big title, so I had to improvise and use smaller letters, but I was able to use the foam shapes which I like so well. The scallop border is from doodlebug (paper frills)- love these, so fast and easy, much faster then punching them yourself. I am really into sketching out layouts prior to actually deciding on paper, embellies etc, this lets me move much faster when I actually can grab an hour or two to create. I keep a notebook by my bedside so I can sketch at night when I usually have my best ideas. On my agenda for the upcoming week is to complete the two remaining Personalscrapper challenges I have left to do before February roles around and finish up my card for the Papercrafts card swap I am attending in April at CKC. I have 2 ideas in mind and will try and post them soon so ya'll can give me feedback on which one I should actually use ...then I will get to work duplicating that card, I need 20 of them! Now do you see why I am starting 2 mos early???? Enjoy your Sunday, gotta run and bake some cookies for the spa party in a few hours!

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