Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Iced in

We are iced in here in Texas folks. Of course, with the least bit of bad weather things do tend to shut down here, but last night was a huge ice storm coating everything and making the roads impassable this morning so school was canceled and work as well for me. It is around noon here now and the roads still aren't very good, so we are staying put, and staying warm. It's cold still yet, right around 25 degrees and the wind chill this morning was 8 degrees! So I thought it was fitting that I title my page "ICE". This is my my layout for the Personalscrapper Snowflake challenge, featuring my 2005 pictures from the Gaylord Texas Ice exhibit. It is a beautiful hotel, and the ice exhibit is something to see. I didn't get a lot of good pictures of the actual ice sculptures, but these two did turn out without a HUGE crowd of people in the background. I don't know exactly how many ice sculptures they have there but it is a LOT. The two on my page were some little bunnies and then a pony. They also had a beautiful angel, three polar bears playing on a pond, and a neat slide made of ice that you could go down. I went down it and you really went fast. They have a smaller version for the kids. It is a lot of fun and when you are done you get a cup of hot chocolate at the end. It is very cold in there to keep the sculptures cold, so you really need to bundle up. They even provide coats for you to wear! The paper and everything used on this layout is from the January Personalscrapper kit featuring Fancy Pants' Artic Chill. I used vanilla pigment ink on the chipboard snowflake then embossed it with clear embossing powder to make it shine. This layout is based on Sketch #2 from the 52 sketches 52 weeks sketch site. I am hope to get some more creating down today. I signed up to participate in a secret sister swap over on the Personalscrapper board and I need to send my package out here in the next couple of days, so I need to finish up my little gift I am making. I can't show it to you just yet, as it would spoil the surprise, but I promise to show it to you once she gets the package next week! Hope she likes it. Jake and I plan on watching a movie later today and playing some games, then hopefully I will finish up my swap cards and my secret sis gift. Snow days are great for catching up! Stay warm folks!

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