Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Use your stash Tuesday the card edition

For this weeks Use your stash Tuesday I decided to use up some of my retired Stampin Up paper that I have had for so long now I can't remember what great idea I had planned for it! I decided that I needed to use something with some spring colors to wash away the winter blues and even though I really didn't have any pressing need for cards at the present time I went ahead and used up the rest of this paper making 12 cards ( 2 sets of 6) to give away as "pick me ups" to some friends. I really hate to see all this paper just sitting here wasting away when it can be put to good use. And besides, I wanna get some more. I also decided that if I died anytime soon it would surely look bad if anyone saw how much paper I actually have hoarded in my little scrapbooking room! These cards also gave me a chance to break out my poor neglected stamp sets. I used a retired Stampin Up set called "Wishing you the best" for the stamped images as well as last year's Sellabration set "Lots of Thoughts" for the sentiments. The sketch is based off of my favorite sketch I have come up with for a card, and was the same one I used on my Halloween AND Christmas cards, and before you say it, I know its time to come up with another one. I promise to try, but for some reason just can't seem to get this one outta my mind quite yet! LOL! It's like some cheesy song you don't really like but you wake up singing and then continue to do so all day long. ...which for me today was "Jungle Love" as I heard it on some commercial early this morning and then walked around singing it all day...sheesh...I definitely DO NOT LIKE that song. Well, better get back to work on my project for Git 'R Done Wednesday, so catch ya back here same time same place tomorrow!

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